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*Integrated multi-function, removable flashlight

*Fully waterproof and floats

*GLOW handle (on and blink functions)

*Batteries installed, extra batteries included

The Illuminet PRO, A Ghost Crabbing Kit, is the only product of its kind and is a must have for outdoor adventures on the beach, in the bay, on a dock or anywhere in the great outdoors.

This product is durable enough to catch ghost crabs, sand crabs, sand fleas, frogs, turtles and also light enough to catch butterflies, fireflies and insects. This waterproof, glow in the dark device, integrates a sturdy, floating net with a waterproof LED flashlight to allow for easy one-handed operation. This leaves one hand free to carry a bucket or other container to hold those critters!!

The Illuminet is great for use during the day and night and also under water. Batteries are installed and an extra set is included. Compare The Illuminet with other nets and you will not find anything like it!

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