About Us

Why Ghost Crabbing?

During the summer of 2013, we were Ghost Crabbing in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with our families.  We were sitting on the beach while our kids were running all over the beach catching crabs.  They were using a variety of equipment that got them by, but were not ideal for them or for us.  The flashlights weren't bright enough, the nets weren't the right size and we had a hard time keeping track of the kids in the dark (after all, us dads wanted to sit down for a while).  Since the kids love this activity so much, we went to the local retailers to get them set up with better gear that would allow them to enjoy it even more and again, allow us to relax.  To our surprise, we could not find the product required to do this right.  After this experience, we decided that there had to be a better solution and the ILLUMINETTM was born. 

The Solution:

The ILLUMINETTM and GhostCrabbing.com were founded in 2013 with the goal of making this activity as much fun as possible while also keeping it safe.  We want kids to fully enjoy catching Ghost Crabs and parents to relax while on vacation.  Parents shouldn't have to drive to multiple stores only to be disappointed in the products available to them.

With ILLUMINETTM and GhostCrabbing.com, parents and children can obtain the information and products required to successfully catch Ghost Crabs and have a great time doing so.  Through this site and our products, users can now easily learn all about Ghost Crabs, identify locations to do it and acquire the best gear out there!

We hope you enjoy using our website and the ILLUMINETTM on your next beach vacation.